1200 people in bathing suit in Russia gathered at the slopes and Guinness records

Approximately 1,200 men and women in swimming suit wearing ski and snowboard all at once to aim for renewal of the Guinness World Record in Russia ยท Sochi seems to be done. There is a video.

According to NHK News, this event is a ski resort located in Sochi in southern Russia where the winter Olympic Games were held in 2014, which took place on April 1, 2017, about 1,200 men and women from children to the elderly participated It seems he did.

At the slopes’ slopes, people who wore colorful swimsuits of seasons did not even get cold, they said they slid all at once with skiing and snowboarding.

Some of the participants also slide while shooting with self-shooting sticks, others slide while waving flags.

This event was also approved for Guinness World Records by 1008 people in 2016, and the organizer side has applied for formal record approval this time, which was larger than this.

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